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An Empire Reborn, Ch. 6, Part 1

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Title: An Empire Reborn
Author: ncfwhitetigress
Rating: R
Warning: Violence, yaoi, sex, BDSM, language, etc.
Summary: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. Goku has been sent to find that someone.

Chapter 6, Part 1

Disclaimer: The depiction of abortion by the characters in this story does not reflect the author’s political attitudes toward the procedure. The sole intention is to create an interesting conflict between the characters and pave the way for a male/male relationship between the two main characters, Goku and Vegeta. No offense is intended towards those in favor of the practice or towards women who have gotten abortions. Thank you for reading and please enjoy.

Chapter 6: Introducing Kink-arott

“YAH!” Roared Vegeta each time his tail came down hard across his nemesis’s bare lower back, followed by an ear-splitting ‘CRACK!’ The back of the orange polo shirt had long since been torn to shreds from the relentless beating, yet the nonresistant Saiyan wearing it still had an idiotic grin on his face, which angered his chastiser to the extreme.

“A little lower, please.”

The Prince finally ceased his pummeling, finding himself exasperated. “What the hell is wrong with you, Kakarott? Your back is covered in purple-red welts and you’re still smirking like a nitwit. How could you possibly be enjoying this?” He hissed in ire, not to mention a tinge of bewilderment.

Goku let out a light chuckle. “Don’t be silly, Vegeta. I think the problem is you’re just too gentle.” Replied Goku, in hopes of earning himself a few more delectable blows.

“WHAT? GENTLE?!!” Vegeta’s face went bright red again with fury.

“I’m just saying, Vegeta…” Goku explained, feigning a sigh of boredom, “You don’t have to treat me like a porcelain doll or whatever. I’m not exactly delicate. Geez…” He snickered silently to himself.

“WHY YOU!!!” Once again Vegeta swung his tail back in fury and released a few more merciless lashes across Goku’s shoulder blades, only to receive a few more imbecilic giggles in response.

At this point the shorter Saiyan was practically foaming at the mouth. He had been so pissed off earlier that he hadn’t even thought to drag the royalty-molesting idiot to the dungeon first or to have one of the servants fetch him a real bullwhip. Instead he’d just ordered the third-class warrior onto his stomach right on the floor of the Prince’s bedchambers, which to Vegeta’s surprise, and slight displeasure, had received instantaneous obedience from the other Saiyan, and flogged him on the spot with the only flogging object immediately available to him only to find that the third-class fool was enjoying the treatment. That discover only served to quadruple the Prince’s earlier indignation.

“THAT’S IT!” Vegeta spat, “Get out of my bedchambers AT ONCE! Out, out, OUT!!!”

As Goku pulled himself up somewhat painfully in compliance, he received a swift kick to the rear, which sent him tumbling back down, face-first, onto the palace floor.

“That was for defying me.” Spat the enraged royal Saiyan. “Now get that stupid, tail-lacking ass of yours out of the palace THIS INSTANT!” Vegeta ordered angrily, turning and pacing into his bathing chamber while mumbling cusses under his breath in a variety of languages, his cape trailing after him.

“Wait, Vegeta!” Goku called, crawling after him on his hands and knees. “Please, don’t make me go.”

Vegeta stopped in his tracks, clenching his fists angrily. He felt something grasp his heels. He looked down to discover Goku groveling at his feet.

“Please, Vegeta! I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you say. Please, just don’t make me leave. Pretty please!” Cried the taller Saiyan, hugging the Prince’s legs together, making it difficult for the standing Saiyan to balance. “Please…” He whimpered again, hoping to appease the Prince.

“NO!” Vegeta spat, trying to free his lower limbs, “Get away from me! I loathe brain-damaged fools like you! And put on a new shirt, for crying out loud. You’re disgusting!”

“PLEASE, VEGETA!” Goku cried helplessly, tightening his grip. “O’ MIGHTY PRINCE OF THE SAIYANS!!”

The mighty Prince of the Saiyans rolled his eyes in annoyance. “You can’t charm me into not hating you, idiot. But I’ll tell you what you can do.” He let out a brief snicker and then shot a nasty look down at the groveling fool, locking his fiery eyes with Goku’s seemingly innocent ones. “You can KISS MY ROYAL ASS!” Spat the Prince, now violently struggling to free his legs from the other man’s grip.

A sly smirk appeared on Goku’s face at hearing that. “I’ll kiss ANYTHING Vegeta wants…” Goku replied suggestively, eyeing the upright Saiyan with a wicked look on his face.

Vegeta paused for a moment to give Goku the evil eye, which only received a provocative smirk in response, before hissing a “Sick pervert…” back at the other man and then freeing one of his feet and using it to stomp on Goku’s back. All that action earned him was an idiotic “Owie” from Goku.

“Jerk...” Vegeta spat, growling under his breath. “Just stay away from me!” He announced before disappearing into his bathing chamber. Little did the non-royal realize it, but Vegeta had fled so quickly in order to hide the enormous bulge in his pants that was the result of the flogging.

Goku sat up outside the shut door and Vegeta heard him let out an unnaturally loud sigh. “Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to go back to Earth where my mean wife will yell at me and not let me be a Saiyan and my ex-best friend will call me a failure and hate me forever and ever and Yajirobe will make fun of me if he finds out about all this…which he probably will.” He whined, half in hopes of earning some sympathy.

“Yup, you deserve it,” was Vegeta’s simple reply through the closed door. He was trying to concentrate in hopes of de-hardening his crotch.

Goku sighed again, even louder than before, and continued, “And I’ll have to sleep on cheap couches and Gohan won’t have time to train with me anymore because Chi Chi makes him study all the time and life will be utterly hopeless and pointless and so on and so forth.”

“PRETTY MUCH.” Replied Vegeta, hoping to sound perfectly satisfied with Goku’s alleged fate.

“And I’ll be the only pureblood Saiyan for miles around…woe is me…almost the last of my kind…”

“Yup, that’s what happens when you act like an idiot all the time. No other Saiyans want to have anything to do with you. Not even your own half-blood brat.” Vegeta mocked.

Finally Goku sighed really, really loudly, which pushed Vegeta over the edge. He stomped out of his bathing chamber and snatched Goku by the hair, pulling him to his feet and then grabbing a hold of his throat. “I thought I told you to get out of here NOW!” He spat, practically scorching the other Saiyan with the infuriated look in his eyes.

Goku didn’t reply. All he did was look down and notice the other man’s stubborn arousal, which instantly put a smile on the taller Saiyan’s face in spite of the fact that he was being strangled.

“What the hell are you looking at?!” Vegeta demanded, before his face went bright red with realization.

“Well, well, Mr. Veggie-Veggie,” Goku remarked, giggling, “Look what we have here.” His smirk widened considerably as he gestured towards Vegeta’s groin.

“What the f…” Vegeta hissed, smacking Goku across the face. “Stop looking at it, you pervert!”

The Prince forcefully turned his subject around so that he was facing in the other direction. “And cover up that disgusting mess you call your back!” Vegeta added, wanting to punch it but holding back the urge to do so.

He heard Goku sigh again. “Fine,” replied the third-class warrior, “but remember…it’s your fault…meanie…” He grumbled, rubbing his shoulder to look sad.

“AND YOU DESERVED IT!” Vegeta spat. “Now get out of here.”

After a moment of pause, Goku spoke again, “You know, Vegeta, I just don’t understand why you won’t admit that there’s mutual attraction here.” He paused again, and then murmured, almost as if talking to himself, “Then again, I guess you just did admit it. Nonverbally, but still…”

“Mutual WHAT?!!” Vegeta roared, nearly pissing himself in ire.

“Oh, nothing…” Goku quickly replied, playing innocent.

Vegeta turned on a heel and headed straight for a somewhat scared-looking Goku. “That’s IT! You’re in for the pounding OF YOUR LIFE!” He hissed.

“You’re gonna beat me up with that?” Goku asked in surprise and slight amusement, pointing once again to said arousal, and accidentally letting out a snicker, which was followed by him clapping his hands over his mouth as to avoid further angering the Saiyan royal.

Vegeta looked down at his groin with embarrassment and then back up at Goku. “I can’t control it, you idiot.” He replied, scowling and brandishing a fist in the air.

Goku giggled and quickly removed his hands from his mouth to mutter an “I can help you with that” naughtily before quickly clapping his hands over his mouth again, face going red.

Vegeta snarled at him. “No, thanks,” he replied, somewhat sarcastically. “I think I’d rather go get ASS-RAPED by a barbed cactus.”

Goku almost squealed in delight at that. “Oh! So you’re a bit deviant too, aren’t you, Vegeta? That’s pretty outlandish, as far as fantasies are concerned…” He giggled, desperately trying to hold back wild bursts of laughter.

Vegeta’s face went bright red again. “Get. Out.” He warned through clenched teeth.

“Okay,” Goku replied, “But before I go I think I’m supposed to kiss the flogging object.” He snickered evilly and then added, “I read that in a kinky sex book at Master Roshie’s that I wasn’t supposed to see. Hee hee...” Then, to Vegeta’s surprise, Goku paced behind him and grabbed a gentle hold of his furry appendage, bringing it to his mouth.

Vegeta was about to protest, but the pleasurable sensations, which suddenly began running up and down his spine, stifled any attempt at speech. His eyes widened at the new, unfamiliar tingles.

“Well, here goes…” Goku said, making kissy-face with the fur and beginning to unconsciously stroke the tail. As he was kissing Vegeta’s tail he began to wonder why the other man was not protesting to the touch, and thus he unwittingly continued to pleasure the Prince from behind. Goku stared at the other Saiyan, boggled for a little while, until he noticed the goose bumps all around the nape of Vegeta’s neck.

“Hey, Vegeta, are you getting cold?” He asked in curiosity, hoping that a “yes” would be the answer. Then a malicious smirk appeared on Goku’s face. “I could warm you up if you’d just let me…” He teased, devilishly.

Vegeta couldn’t manage an answer, noticing that the crotch area of his pants was only getting tighter. He felt inclined to hide the bulge, but such an action would require him to move away from the source of pleasure, and that was something he simply couldn’t bring himself to do. He clenched his teeth and fists, something he habitually did in response to strong sexual sensations, as a deep, involuntary rumbling sound erupted from inside his chest.

Goku heard the strange sound and at first was unsure of where it was coming from. “Hey, Vegeta,” Goku asked, “Is that you making that funny sound?” He neared the shorter Saiyan from behind, hoping to find the source of the noise, and put his ear to the Prince’s left shoulder blade so that their bodies were hardly more than a centimeter apart. “Yes, I think it is.” The vibrations could be heard even through the density of Vegeta’s armor. “Hee hee, I didn’t know my Veggie knew how to purr…”

It didn’t take the Earth Saiyan long to figure out that Vegeta was very much enjoying the physical contact, so in order to get the Prince even more under his sexual control, Goku took his hands and began to gradually move up the appendage, towards Vegeta’s rear, which made the sensations increasingly stronger.

“Like that, Vegeta?” He teased right before putting his mouth around the flap of Vegeta’s left ear and gently sucking. Just as he suspected, the other man was too tantalized to try and move away.

Goku took a hold of the base of Vegeta’s tail and deepened the strokes, upping the volume of the purrs coming from Vegeta’s chest. He peeked to the side to see Vegeta’s face and noticed his eyes were clenched shut. The next thing Goku focused on was the large bulge that was Vegeta’s crotch.

Goku gradually ran his hand along Vegeta’s belt until his hand came to rest on Vegeta’s lower stomach, right above the giant swelling. Then he slowly moved his hand down and started rubbing the erection over Vegeta’s spandex, which immediately caused the Prince to gasp loudly from the pleasure.

Goku leaned down to kiss Vegeta’s neck only to find the strained posture made his own neck ache, so he lifted Vegeta up in the air for easier access, once again making the shorter individual gasp, this time out of surprise. Goku began tracing kisses along the hairline at the back of Vegeta’s head.

Vegeta heard another fiendish snicker from behind him and he soon found himself flying through the air only to land face-down in the middle of his golden Pellucian bedspread. He tried to sit up but was soon weighed down by a larger body straddling his, quickly freeing him of his clothing.

Goku tossed Vegeta’s cape, armor, gloves, and boots aside, along with his own tennis shoes and the last shreds of what used to be his polo shirt. Then, the larger Saiyan leaned down so that his mouth was right next to Vegeta’s ear. “Alright, Vegeta, ready for me to take care of that pesky bulge you were complaining about?” He grabbed a hold of Vegeta’s waist and flipped Vegeta over in a fraction of a second only to come face to face with said boner.

To Vegeta, it had been months since his last sexual encounter and for him, that was a ridiculously long time. It felt like so long, in fact, that before he knew it, he’d already creamed his pants despite that Goku hadn’t even removed his spandex yet. His face went bright red at that realization as Goku continued to mutter sweet things to him and trace a finger along his jawline.

As his arousal started to soften, a calloused hand dove down into his pants and, before Vegeta knew it, was gently cupping his genitals. The Prince’s eyes went wide in shock.

Suddenly Goku’s eyes widened a bit too. “Hey!” He scolded, “You weren’t supposed to come yet, Vegeta. I’ve hardly even touched you.”

The only response he received for that was a “Hmph” and a crossed pair of arms.

Goku pulled the black spandex pants all the way down to Vegeta’s knees, which came as quite a shock to Vegeta, and started wiping up the goopy mess with the remnants of his polo shirt.

Vegeta looked on, arms still crossed, appearing quite unamused.

By the time Goku finished, Vegeta’s penis was back at its normal length, so in order to re-excite the royal Saiyan, Goku began massaging his inner thighs, squeezing and kneading deep into the muscles with strong hands.

As predicted by Goku, Vegeta once again began to grunt and groan in response to the delightful stimulation. The third-class warrior on top of him happily devoured each and every pleasant little noise he managed to elicit from the Prince, thinking to himself that pleasing Vegeta was fortunately a much easier task than pleasing Chi Chi.

A moment later Goku crawled up so that he and Vegeta were positioned face to face and groin to groin. He locked eyes with the spiky-haired Saiyan below him as he began grinding their pelvises together, making the other’s eyes go wide in delight.

“Is there anything special I can do for you today, Vegeta?” Goku inquired, recalling the advice that one of Master Roshie’s kinky sex books had given him—that good lovers always asked their partners what they want.

“Why are you still wearing pants, you idiot?!” Vegeta finally managed to rasp after a few more grunts and groans.

The royal order disguised as a question received a light chuckle and quick compliance from Goku, who quickly and smoothly removed his jeans and boxers and tossed them into the clothing pile he’d made earlier. To complete the job he also removed Vegeta’s spandex top and his pants, tossing them to the side as well.

Then, to Vegeta’s surprise, Goku lay down between Vegeta’s legs and gathered the edge of the Prince’s foreskin between his lips, lifting up the whole manhood and placing the head back down where Vegeta’s navel was, so that his entire shaft was resting on his abdomen. Then Goku pretended like he had an ice cream cone and he began licking Vegeta’s penis from base to head, provoking involuntary moans from the man beneath him.

As Vegeta began to re-harden, Goku resumed the groin-to-groin position and began grinding their arousals together. Even more than Goku’s mouth, Vegeta enjoyed the feel of the other pureblood’s penis against his. It was so soft and hot and throbbing that Vegeta’s level of excitement grew along with Goku’s until they were both nearing their peak. Goku slowed his thrusting on purpose to tease Vegeta, just when the Prince was painfully close to going over the edge. He heard Vegeta groan in agony at the loss of sensation and then mutter a “Baka” at the other man for intentionally tormenting him.

Goku replied with another chuckle before he felt Vegeta’s tail curl around his thigh and yank hard, almost as if trying to force the man on top to thrust harder and faster. Finally Goku decided that Vegeta had had enough sexual torture for the time being and he finally complied and pressed down hard with his hips, making the two pulsing shafts slide together again, back and forth.

Sensations began to build again, faster and stronger than before, and Vegeta’s eyes popped open as red-hot wires originating from his groin shot up his spine and throughout his entire body. He was the first to come with Goku only seconds behind, as a white creamy substance erupted all over both of their abdomens, coming in several spurts. As Goku came all over Vegeta’s belly, the Prince heard the other man growl low in his throat.

‘I wonder if Kakarott always does that when he comes…’ Vegeta thought to himself, settling down to allow post-orgasm bliss to overcome his whole being. A second later he felt Goku collapse beside him, falling into the same state Vegeta was in.

“Thanks, Vegeta,” he heard Goku mumble in a tired voice after a momentary pause.

“For what?” Vegeta inquired, confused.

“For letting me stay.”

Vegeta didn’t respond to that and remained quiet for a few minutes as the other man dozed next to him, settling into the soft Pellucian bedspread.

Several minutes later Vegeta decided that he was well-rested and not only ready for, but in need of, more action.

“Hey, Kakarott,” said Vegeta, tapping the other Saiyan on the shoulder.

“Mmmmm…” was all Goku had to say in reply.

“I give you permission to suck my dick now.”

He heard Goku groan. “Can I do that after a short nap?” Plead the third-class warrior in a soft voice.

“Why do you need a stupid nap?” Vegeta whined, “My dick is waiting and you’ve made it quite clear that you’re a willing volunteer.”

“I didn’t sleep well last night, remember? This bed is soooooo infinitely more comfy than that stupid couch,” ‘or anything I’ve ever slept on,’ Goku thought to himself before continuing, “Please, Vegeta, just 30 minutes...”

“NO!” Vegeta commanded uncompromisingly, “I’m going to bed in 30 minutes. Can’t you see it’s dark outside? This is no time for just a ‘short nap’.”

“Mmmmm…” Goku groaned again, praying Vegeta would find the sympathy to let him rest.

“Come on. Wake up, Kakarott. Let’s do this.” Vegeta announced, shaking the other man’s shoulder.

After receiving no response from the lethargic warrior, Vegeta decided to poke one of the purple welts on Goku’s back. The other Saiyan suddenly jumped up with a start. “Ow, Vegeta! What’d you do that for?” He cried indignantly.

“Ha ha…” taunted Vegeta, “Those really do hurt, don’t they? You were just sucking it in when I was pummeling you. Well, that ought to teach you not to mess with me.”


“Suck my dick and I’ll be nice.” Vegeta shot back.

“Okay, fine, Vegeta. You win.” Replied Goku with a tired yawn.

Goku sat up groaning and spread Vegeta’s legs apart so that he could sit cross-legged between them. He looked like he was about to give Vegeta a hand job, but then he halted right as he was about to take Vegeta’s flaccid penis in hand and paused for a second or two.

“Yes?” Vegeta said aloud, urging Goku on. He noticed the other man had a solemn demeanor about him.

Instead of continue as Vegeta was hoping he would, Goku leaned forward, bending over Vegeta’s torso until their noses were barely an inch apart, and then he leaned his head diagonally and placed a kiss on the Prince’s lips.

Vegeta didn’t move or resist, or even respond.

After pulling apart, Goku laid down on top of Vegeta so that they were skin-to-skin, and spoke to him in a hushed voice, “Why are you so horny tonight, Vegeta? Didn’t I make you come twice already?”

Vegeta was silent for a moment or two, almost appearing to be in contemplation, before he finally spoke up in answer to Goku’s innocent question, “I wouldn’t normally admit this, but I haven’t fucked in a while.”

“Really? Why not? I’d think someone like you would get lots of action in a place like this.”

“I could if I wanted to, but I can’t help that I’ve been kind of turned off from women since…” Vegeta paused and then continued, looking a little downhearted, “…well, you know…”

“Oh, I see.” Goku replied with a look of sympathy in his eyes. “I understand. That must be a hard thing to get over.”

“Now I feel stupid for not thinking of it myself, but why didn’t I just try men? It makes so much sense now.”

Goku’s eyes popped open. “Men?” He laughed, “Oh yeah, of course. We’re both men, aren’t we? Why didn’t that occur to me until now?” He mumbled, almost as if talking to himself.

“Fuck women.” Announced Vegeta with an obvious proud streak, almost as if he was declaring his independence.

“Hey, come on, Vegeta.” Goku chided, “They’re not all that bad.”

“All they’re good for is making brats.” Declared the bitter Prince with a tone of determination.

Goku’s eyebrows lowered a little bit as he became rather skeptical of Vegeta’s attitude. “That’s not true. Just because you had a bad experience with one woman doesn’t mean you should hate them all.”

“I don’t hate them all,” Vegeta argued, “Just most of them. It’s just that there are so many things I can’t stand about them. For one, they have high screechy voices, and although I usually find it sexy when they’re calm, it’s not worth it because they use it most of the time to scream at you. Second of all,” said Vegeta, counting each grievance off on his fingers, “they withhold sex when they’re mad at you. Now that’s something you’d never find a man doing. So, obviously, with men you can actually get laid when the need arises. Third of all, there are SO many women who have no idea what to do with dicks. It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever find a man like that because men actually HAVE dicks, so of course they’ll know how to use them.” Vegeta paused, “Then again, the blue-haired woman didn’t have that particular problem. She was good in bed.” He paused again and then sighed. “She really was too good to be true, wasn’t she?” He finished, almost as if scolding himself for not knowing better.

Vegeta opened his mouth slightly as if about to say something else, but before he could, Goku put a finger to his lips to quiet him from his endless train of contemplation. After a short pause, Goku replied, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Then he leaned down again and locked lips with Vegeta for the second time, simultaneously rubbing their bare pelvises back and forth again. Goku reached down for Vegeta’s thickening manhood…

Several hours later, two dark eyes slowly opened to find Pellucid’s first sun just peeking above the magenta horizon.

Goku shot up suddenly to find himself under the golden conforter, spooning the sleeping Prince from behind. He gasped and rolled over to reach the pile of clothes that had been carelessly discarded the night before and searched through it, finding his watch on the bottom.

“Eight PM?!!” Goku cried aloud, causing Vegeta to stir. It appeared that he had slept way past the barbecue and now it was almost bedtime back on Planet Earth, whereas here it was just sunrise.

‘Oh no!’ Thought Goku worriedly, ‘Everyone must be worried sick!’

“Kakarott?” Goku heard Vegeta rasp. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, no, Vegeta! I fell asleep and stayed overnight even though I was supposed to go to a barbecue at 12 noon! Nobody knows where I am!”

“Who cares?” Vegeta replied, closing his eyes again and settling back down into the soft Pellucian mattress in a carefree manner.

“Chi Chi will, and so will Gohan. Kami, I have to get back.” He rolled out of bed and slid his boxers and socks back on in a hurry.

Vegeta sat up and stretched. “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“The big deal is I bet they’re worried sick. Chi Chi gets really moody when I don’t show up.” Goku whimpered, struggling to tie his shoelaces.

Vegeta heard Goku mutter an “Ow” under his breath as he was bending down for his jeans. “What’s wrong with you, idiot?”

“My back, meanie.” Replied Goku, shooting Vegeta a scolding glance over his shoulder as he pulled his jeans up over his boxers.

“Oh, good. You deserve it, as you have absolutely no sense of proper courtship behavior.”

“That’s not true, Vegeta.” Goku asserted, buttoning his fly. “I know all about dating and stuff like that. I just got carried away last night when I jumped on you like that. I’ll take you to get ice cream sometime to make up for it. Okay?”

“Take me to get what?”

“Ice cream.”

Vegeta raised an eyebrow. “Don’t change the subject, stupid. We’re talking about how you molested me out of the blue.”

“I know…sorry about that.”

“I hope your back burns like hell for it.”

Goku chuckled. “At least it’s not as bad as a needle.” He muttered jokingly.

“Hmph,” replied Vegeta before his eyes shot wide open in realization and a wicked smirk began to curl one side of his lips upwards. After a minute’s pause, Vegeta called out to Goku in a sing-songy voice, “Oh, Kaaakaroootttt!!”

Goku glanced around suspiciously. “Um, yes?” He replied, eyeing the Prince with apprehensive curiosity.

“I was just wondering if you’re still interested in getting your tail back.” Vegeta asserted in a too-friendly manner, twiddling his thumbs innocently.

Goku forgot all about the funny feeling he was having and jumped up with excitement. “I am, I am, I am, I am!!!!!!” He cried, bouncing up and down excitedly.

Vegeta’s smirk deepened. “Perfect!” He replied wickedly before getting up and walking naked into what appeared to be a very spacious closet lined with spandex and other clothes of the more elegant persuasion. Vegeta came out wearing a fresh pair of skintight black boxers. “I’ll be right back.” He said, and then turned and let out a loud burst of wicked cackling as he headed for his bathing chamber door.

This completely knocked Goku off his rocker. ‘Now what in the heck was that about?’ He wondered to himself, taking a seat on the side of the bed nervously.

A few moments later Vegeta emerged from the bathroom with both hands behind his back.

“Um, Vegeta, what are you hiding there?” Goku inquired, swallowing audibly.

“Nothing, Kakarott. Now I’m going to have to ask you to please remove your pants and underwear and lay down on your stomach, eyes closed. Think you can do that?” Asked Vegeta in reply, flashing a wicked smirk the other warrior’s way.

Goku, again, swallowed audibly. “Uh, m-may I ask why first?”

Vegeta squeezed his eyes shut and chuckled lightly. “Silly Kakarott…” He teased, “Didn’t I just tell you? You want your tail back, don’t you?”

“R-right…but what exactly does getting my tail back involve…if I may ask…”

“You’re about to find out, now aren’t you?”

“I’d rather you tell me what you’re going to do first…”

Vegeta laughed wickedly. “Wouldn’t they all, Kakarott? Wouldn’t they all…”

Goku stood up and backed away. “Okay, Vegeta, quit it now. You’re scaring me.”

“Scaring you? Am I, now?…”

“Yeah, stop looking at me like that. I mean it. And what’s behind your back?” Goku demanded, pointing at Vegeta accusingly.

“Come on, Kakarott. Be a good little idiot and do what your Prince tells you to. I promise you’ll thank me in the end.”

Goku continued to stare at Vegeta apprehensively and back away.

“Don’t you want your tail back? I can get it back for you but only if you do what I say.”

Finally Goku relented. “Fine, Vegeta. Just don’t do anything sneaky, okay?”

Vegeta quickly crossed his fingers behind his back before replying with a simple “Sure…” and then peering up and to the right.

Goku began to unbutton his jeans slowly, peering back at Vegeta nervously every few seconds, who stood perfectly still, both hands behind his back.

Vegeta shifted positions every now and then, sighing because Goku was taking so long. When Goku had reached the last button Vegeta stepped forward to complain. “Are you done yet? Kami, Kakarott, you didn’t take this long to undress last night.”

But before Goku could answer, he noticed that Vegeta had stepped in front of a mirror, the reflection of which revealed what Vegeta was hiding behind his back, which turned out to very much resemble…

To be continued…
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