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An Empire Reborn: Ch. 4, Part 1

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Title: An Empire Reborn
Author: ncfwhitetigress
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Violence. Yaoi, sex, language, etc. in later chapters will up the rating.
Summary: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. Goku has been sent to find that someone.

Chapter 4, Part 1: Goku’s Last-Ditch Effort

If you’ve ever slept on a cheap old couch, you’ve probably found it to be considerably uncomfortable. If you are a large person, your whole body may not have even fit properly and you may have woken up with cramps from sleeping in strange, unnatural positions all night. That is exactly the fate suffered by Goku the night following Chi Chi’s threats.

Our selfless hero tossed and turned most of the night, finding he was unable to attain an acceptable position no matter how hard he tried. Worse than that, his mind was relentlessly plagued by the task he had to do. Even his dreams were invaded by the incessant urge to fix things.

The next morning he woke up to find his bright-eyed ten-year-old looming over him with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice in one hand and a large plate of syrupy pancakes in the other. “Hey, Dad, did you sleep okay?”

“I guess,” murmured Goku wearily, not moving. His eyelids were too heavy from fatigue to stay open for more than a few seconds so he soon found them sliding shut again as he nearly fell back into a state of unconsciousness.

“This is for you, Dad.” Gohan spoke up again, snapping Goku out of his slumber.

“Oh,” Goku mumbled. “Thanks, Gohan.” He slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position. When he tried to stretch, he felt something pop in his back, sending a sharp pain down his spine. He was quick to take note of the painful crick in his neck as well. Goku moaned in misery as Gohan set the plate down on his lap and the orange juice down on the glass table between the couch and television set.

His thoughtful son then returned to the kitchen and came back with his own plate and glass. “I’m excited about the barbecue today, Dad. There’s gonna be ice cream, you know.” Gohan cheered, plopping down on the loveseat.

“When is it again?” Asked the father, slowly rubbing his eyes with his left fist.

“I think it’s at noon.” Gohan replied, picking up his utensils.

“And what time is it now?” Goku inquired, eyes perusing the room in hopes of locating a clock.

“It’s 9:00. I’m glad it’s a weekend because I got to sleep late.” He said, cutting his pile of pancakes right down the middle with a fork and knife.

“Oh, boy…” Goku grumbled, rubbing his face in an attempt to wake up. “That means I only have three hours.” He whispered to himself in complaint, scratching his head.

Gohan heard. “Three hours for what?” He asked, shoving in a mouthful of food.

“I, uh, I have a job to do.” Goku revealed, taking a hold of his own fork and knife and digging in.

“Oh,” Gohan uttered with a tone of concern, “You’re…you’re not going to try to fight Vegeta again, are you, Dad?” Gohan stopped eating and looked cynically at his father.

“Not exactly…” Goku replied, unsure of how to explain.

“What are you going to do then?” Asked Gohan, relentlessly seeking more information that his father was apparently reluctant to share.

“I’m going….um…I’m going to go talk to Vegeta.” Goku stuttered, feeling unsure of his plans and whether or not they would prove fruitful.

“Will that do any good?” Retorted Gohan, picking up on his father’s insecurity.

“I hope,” was Goku’s blunt reply.

“What’s if he gets mad that you showed up again?” He asked, recalling Vegeta’s threat.

“I’ll try not to get him mad.” Goku voiced with a shrug.

“How?” Asked Gohan, seeking reassurance.

“Well I won’t threaten him or anything. That’s what he was mad about before. I think.” Goku said, unable to come up with a better answer for the time being.

“Be careful, Dad.” Gohan warned before he started stuffing his face again.

“I will, Son. So where’s your mom?” Asserted Goku, desiring a change of subject.

“She went shopping to get a present for Bulma.” Revealed Gohan.

“I thought Bulma’s birthday was in the summer?” Goku cocked an eyebrow, wondering what his wife was really up to.

“It’s not a birthday gift. It’s a ‘feel better’ gift. Like when you get sick, only in Bulma’s case she’s depressed. You know how people bring you presents to heighten your mood.” Gohan explained.

“Yeah,” Goku paused. “Gee. Poor Bulma.” His lament was followed by a depressed moan.

“What is it, Dad?”

“I hate feeling so…” He paused, sighed, and then finished, “unable to help.”

“I know that feeling.” Replied Gohan, relating.


“Yeah, I felt that way when the Saiyans arrived and everybody was fighting so hard, but I just got scared.” Gohan moaned, recalling the embarrassing event.

“You were young, Gohan. Don’t blame yourself.” Goku advised, meaning what he said. Gohan had hardly been five years old at the time, as Goku remembered.

“I’m just saying. I know it’s not a good feeling, Dad.” He paused, “But you’re the best! I bet you can think of something. Not all problems can be solved with muscles and agility. Sometimes we have to use our brains.”

“That’s exactly what I’m working on, although I don’t think I’m very well practiced.” Goku admitted.

“That’s probably why Mom calls all the Z fighters muscle-heads all the time. I don’t think she’s right, Dad. I think you have a lot more mental potential than either she or you think.”

“Thanks, Son.”

“You’re welcome, Dad.”

After a few minutes of silent dining, Goku stood up with his empty plate. “Well, I better get going. I’ll want to be back for the barbecue.”

“Where should I tell Mom you went?” Gohan asked, wiping his mouth.

“Errr…I’m not sure that my idea will work yet and I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. So tell her…tell her that I went to meditate in the woods about the situation.” Goku paused, and then added, “To try to think of a solution.”

“Okay, Dad. If you say so.”

“I said so alright.”

Gohan laughed at that. “See ya at noon, then?”

“See ya, Gohan.” Goku bid farewell and went upstairs to get dressed.

“Still, I can’t help but feel like I’ve lost one of my best advisors.” Lamented King Crystalis, looking his Saiyan friend in the eye.

“When a king experiences treachery by one of his most trusted advisors, it’s no different than a friend stabbing him in the back. You have my condolences, friend. Only my father could’ve known greater afflictions.” Vegeta replied with solemn empathy.

“Certainly you must’ve gotten a taste of them.” Chimed Bijou, who was seated next to her significant other, the King.

“I was young, my lady. My father was a busy man. He taught me things I would need to know about leading the Saiyan people, but I knew few of his personal struggles. He only shared with my mother for the most part. I doubt he would’ve maintained his sanity without her.” Vegeta conceived, thinking back to his childhood.

“Neither would I maintain reason without you, my jewel.” The King chirped, turning to his beautiful mate and intertwining his fingers with hers. She was visibly charmed by the attention and compliment.

The tiny tailed baby with a few fuzzy tufts of lavender hair woke up in his cradle, located to Vegeta’s left. He started to fuss. Vegeta peeked down at him and offered the child a pointer finger to grab a hold of with his tiny tail for reassurance. The little brown tail coiled around the digit and hugged it tightly. The physical contact soothed the baby and he appeared to doze off again.

“Your son is becoming more alert each day, Vegeta.” The Queen commented, peering into the cradle from across the table.

“Yes, he is.” Replied the Prince. There was a brief period of silence as Vegeta toyed with his son’s feet.

“I can already tell he’s going to grow into a great man.” Asserted the King, giving his consort’s hand a quick squeeze.

“And a great king.” Added the Queen, cheerfully.

“Thank you.” Replied Vegeta, attention still focused on the child.

“Your Majesties?” A guard peeked in, looking to the King and Queen.

“Yes, Silvis?” Acknowledged the Queen, all three royals turning to him.

“Your oldest daughter, her Majesty Princess Sapphire, has returned from her trip to Planet Aquaria.” He informed them.

Vegeta’s eyes lit up.

“Well, do bring her in please.” Chimed the King in merriment. He was undeniably pleased, as this was his favorite daughter (although he didn’t tell the others) and she’d been gone for about a year on her travels.

The guard promptly obeyed and then left to do the King’s bidding.

“You remember Sapphire, don’t you, Vegeta?” The Queen was smiling.

“Yes, Lady Bijou. I remember her very well.” Replied Vegeta, stifling his excitement.

“Oh, and she’s going to be charmed by the new addition to your family.” Alleged Bijou. “She absolutely adores children—the younger, the better.”

“I only saw her last when we WERE children. I’ll bet she’s grown into a beautiful young woman.” Conceived Vegeta.

“Yes, just like her mother.” Replied the King, staring lovingly into his mate’s eyes.

“She’s more than welcome to fawn over my son.” The Prince offered.

“She’s bound to like the sound of that.” Speculated Crystalis. “And she’ll be excited to see you again.”

“I must ask her what Aquaria was like. How many underwater kingdoms do they have there again?”

“Seven. And our daughter has doubtlessly visited them all.” Boasted the Queen. “She’ll be more than pleased to tell you about them I’m sure.”

“My hope is to make allies of their leaders.” Admitted Vegeta.

“They’ll be honored to befriend the King-to-be of the greatest warrior empire the universe will ever know.” Mused Crystalis.

“What a critical time for defensive alliances, in the wake of the fall of Frieza’s reign, that is.” Chimed Bijou.

“And you know how we Saiyans enjoy seafood.” Added Vegeta, leaning back in his chair.

“Yes, and the Arctic Empire in the southern-most ocean, lead by the great Queen Frigida, is well-known for its mastery of ice sculpture, made underwater for above-water display. Royals from around the universe travel for light-years to obtain an icy monument of themselves. They are utterly stunning, but hard to keep cold if you keep them anywhere with a warm climate.” The Queen explained.

“An ice palace would be stunning, wouldn’t it?” Contrived Vegeta, staring into space as he allowed his imagination to conjure up a mental picture of such a thing.

“Stunning, yes, but freezing as well.” The King judged.

The same guard as before came in and they all turned to him. “Your Majesties, your daughter has declared that she is exhausted and she has gone to her chambers for the night.”

“Was she told that Prince Vegeta is here?” Asked Bijou in disappointment.

“No, Your Majesties, we could hardly get a word in with her. She just went straight up to bed.”

“It’s no problem.” Said Vegeta to the Pellucian royals. “I can talk to her tomorrow. She must be very tired from the long trip. It would be best to let her sleep.”

“Yes, I agree.” Replied the Queen. “Alright, Silvis, you are dismissed for the day.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” He bowed to them and left.

“We can surprise Sapphire with you and your son at breakfast.” Proposed the Queen.

Goku, fully dressed, paced back and forth in front of the queen-sized bed in his and Chi Chi’s room. Every few minutes he would peek at the clock on the dresser, and let out an agitated sigh.

‘Man, what am I going to say to Vegeta to keep him from strangling me to death?’ He mused in distress, stopping and staring at a patch of carpet.

This was his preparation period, like what coaches do with their teams before the big game. They all get together, give a speech of victory, and encourage each other. But Goku had no coach other than himself, and he wasn’t sure he really knew what exactly he was doing anyways.

He plopped down on the bed and ran a hand through his hair, frowning at the situation. Then he heard a sound from outside. Goku shot up in a flash and sped to the window, peaking out cautiously. Chi Chi was just pulling up in her red hover car. She stumbled out with a shopping bag in hand looking as ticked off and hormonal as ever and then slammed the door behind her. A large sweat drop trickled down Goku’s forehead and his cheeks turned a slight tinge of blue.

‘I guess it’s time to get going,’ he thought to himself, putting two fingers to his forehead for concentration purposes. ‘Vegeta, here I come.’ And he was gone in a flash.

Goku materialized on the veranda outside of King Crystalis’s and Queen Bijou’s bedchambers, where the two Pellucian royals and the one Saiyan royal were pleasantly conversing at an elegant round ruby crystal table in the same guttural language that Goku had heard Vegeta speak before, which Goku didn’t realize was called Pellucianish. It was almost sundown and the sky was magenta again like it’d been before during the end of their battle. Goku found that he was half-hidden by a red velvet drapery behind where the King and Queen were seated, the curtain between their room inside and their veranda outside. Vegeta was so intent on the conversation that he didn’t even notice the other Saiyan, who was dressed in blue jeans and a pullover—a combination of alien clothes that would make any Pellucian cringe. Goku was quick to notice it was much warmer here than on earth, where winter was on its way, and he was starting to sweat.

Goku tried to discretely get the Prince’s attention. “Psst! Vegeta...” He whispered under his breath, waving at the other man.

For a few seconds he remained unnoticed as Vegeta remained attentive to the conversation between him and the other royals. Then, suddenly, Vegeta’s eyes diverted from his friends and to Goku’s waving hand, as he caught sight of the other Saiyan.

Vegeta abruptly jumped up from his seat, which startled his friends, and stared daggers at the trespasser. “What are you doing here, Kakarott?!” He hissed, waving a fist in the air to ward off what he perceived to be a serious threat.

“Hey, Vegeta, I just wanted to…” Suddenly the baby started crying, sensing his daddy’s distress. This briefly cut Goku off. “What’s that?” Asked Goku with a puzzled expression, as he peeked over the table and spotted the cradle and small wriggling form swaddled within.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!” Vegeta demanded, standing over the crib protectively. “TOUCH HIM AND I’LL KILL YOU, PEASANT!!”

The King shot up from his seat and shouted for the guards. Bijou ran around the table to help Vegeta defend the child. She picked up the crying baby and cradled him in her arms, holding him protectively and standing behind Vegeta.

Goku put up his hands to calm everyone down. “Hey, look, Vegeta, I’m really sorry to bother you but I just want to talk, really!” He announced loudly during the uproar, although no one heard him as the guards charged in, ordering him to surrender in Pellucianish, and surrounded him with their weapons drawn. He raised his hands in the air automatically to show his compliance.

Vegeta snarled at him as the guards finished their shouting and quieted down, allowing the Prince to speak, despite the baby’s crying in the background. “I thought you might have at least half a brain when you gave up and returned to earth the other day. Now I’m not so sure. I thought I made myself very clear when I said I would destroy you and your planet if you so much as came within a mile of my brat. Was I not clear? If not, I can re-clarify for you. It’s no problem really.” He hissed, pulling back his sleeves as if readying for another battle.

“Vegeta, I’m not here to fight you. Really, I just want to talk about something. Can we do that? Can we talk in private? I promise I won’t take your kid or bother you too much. Please, Vegeta!” Goku plead, clasping his hands together. “Please…” He squeaked as Vegeta’s displeased gaze bore down on him.

The Prince’s mouth was shut, but his brows were very much furrowed, and his arms were very much crossed. During this moment of silence the only visible movements were by Vegeta’s cape as it flapped in the gentle evening breeze. Goku’s eyes stayed locked with Vegeta’s, although no hostility arose from them, unlike from the other Saiyan’s.

Vegeta finally spoke up, clearly annoyed. “Am I to take it that you once again invaded the royal palace, only this time simply because you want to ‘talk’?” Vegeta stopped and waited for an answer, tapping his foot angrily.

Goku didn’t answer, just looked down, embarrassed.

“You know, IDIOT, when Pellucian citizens want an audience with members of the royal family here, they must wait until a specific time of the day, on a specific day of the week, when commoners are allowed to enter the palace and present their problems and conflicts to the King’s representatives, and if they get EXTREMELY lucky, to the King himself. No, they do not randomly appear before the King at their own chosen time of convenience. It is a SERIOUS felony to enter the royal palace without an invitation. That’s what assassins do. And assassins are very much looked down upon on Planet Pellucid. Are you an assassin, Kakarott?” He spat, giving off a strong hint of disgust.

“N…n…no…” Goku answered nervously.

“Really?” Replied Vegeta, sounding quite skeptical. “Then WHAT in Kami’s name were you thinking by coming here again? ILLEGALLY, I might add.”

Goku scrunched up where he was, feeling Vegeta’s intention to shame him was working quite well. “Gee,I’mreallysorryVegeta,butIdidn’tknowallthoserulesandthiswastheonlywayIcouldfindyouandIreallyneededtotalktoyouandIdidn’tknowhowelsetoandI’mreallysorryIbrokethelaw…” He squeaked, red-faced.

Vegeta rolled his eyes and sighed loudly. “Fine, Kakarott, what do you want to ‘talk’ about this time?” He stared on, waiting for an answer.

“Um, I, um… I…” Goku stuttered, feeling awkward trying to explain himself with a bunch of weapons pointing in his direction. “Errr, you see…”

Vegeta put up a hand to silence the other Saiyan. He then muttered something to the Queen, who nodded in response. Vegeta rapidly paced around the ruby table, pushed aside one of the guards surrounding Goku, grabbed Goku by the wrist, and then turned and dismissed the guards.

“But Vegeta, is he not dangerous?” Asked the King in cynicism.

“No, he’s not dangerous. Not this time.” Replied Vegeta, sounding certain. “I just need to speak to him in private, if you don’t mind, Crystalis. It’s important. I will ensure he leaves once we are done.”

The King nodded his consent.

Vegeta thanked the King and then turned to one of the guards in the circle around Goku—the one which Goku recognized. “Penuct, come with us to my chambers.” Then he looked to another guard to Penuct’s left. “You too, Luminos.” He added.

The two guards accompanied Vegeta and Goku through the bedchambers of the King and Queen, into the hall, down the hall, down the swirling emerald staircase, past the double-doors leading to the grand ballroom, down another long hall, and finally to the elegant golden double-doors that composed the entrance to Vegeta’s personal bedchambers.
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