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An Empire Reborn

Title: An Empire Reborn
Author: ncfwhitetigress
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Warnings: language, sex, violence in later chapters may up the rating
Summary: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. Goku has been sent to find that someone.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

“Where is he, Vegeta?!” Goku spat at the royal-clad warrior in protective rage, brandishing a fist in the air in front of him. Vegeta stood with an air of arrogant nobility not more than twenty feet before him. The larger warrior’s muscles were flexed so tight that the veins in his arms were popping out.

“What are you talking about, idiot? And why didn’t you answer my question?! What the hell are you doing here, you low-class peasant?!” Vegeta flipped Goku off with a rigid gloved finger and an accompanying snarl, “Just fuck off and I’ll try to contain the urge to clobber you in front of everyone.” The guards protectively surrounding the fuming Prince eyed Goku in suspicion and waited for Vegeta’s orders.

“You know exactly who I’m talking about, Vegeta! You have no right to kidnap a helpless child and leave his mother worried sick!” He pointed a finger at Vegeta in accusation. The guards growled at the sudden threatening movement towards the visiting Prince.

“Who are you to preach to me what my rights are, you self-righteous lout? King Crystalis makes the laws around here,” Vegeta gestured towards said Sovereign and then continued, “and he says all brats belong to their biological fathers. You’re on the wrong planet to give me a moral lecture, assclown.” Vegeta’s head shook disapprovingly and his tone of voice sank dangerously, giving off a stern warning to the orange-clad warrior in front of him.

The monarch Vegeta had referred to was none other than the large, violet-skinned man sitting on the golden-purple throne, complete with matching drapes, behind them in regal garb. The man had no idea why this orange-clothed, black-haired man had suddenly appeared on his property and started yelling at one of his royal guests. The tinge of anger and indignation in his thoughts was crowded out by bewilderment.

Vegeta turned to the confused King and started muttering something to him in an unearthly guttural language Goku had never heard before. He appeared to be explaining the situation. The King listened intently and gave a nod, then turned and locked eyes with Goku, brows furrowed.

Vegeta turned back to Goku as well. “You want to settle this in a more appropriate setting, clown?” Vegeta swept his velvet cape back in a dignified manner and signaled for one of the servants to come remove it. Two of the King’s servants came up behind him. One untied the knot around his neck and the other took the cape and folded it up gently. Goku gasped.

Vegeta knew exactly what it was that had shocked his adversary. He chuckled in delight and waved the appendage he knew the other Saiyan had noticed seductively around in the air behind him. “Don’t worry, Kakarott. I won’t be in need of it.” He snickered again at the shocked look on the other man’s face. “Not this time,” his voice sank mercilessly with each additional word.

Goku had to admit to himself that he had already been surprised by Vegeta’s formal appearance, although he hid it as to not provoke anymore arrogant behavior from the other Saiyan. The regenerated tail had caught him off guard and he growled low in his throat, which only had the effect of widening Vegeta’s wicked smile.

Goku looked around at everyone in the room—the King, the guards, the servants, and, of course, Vegeta, the one and only. They were all peering at him like he, Goku, was the bad guy. Now Goku didn’t know what planet he was on or who these people were exactly, but he’d have to be incredibly stupid not to recognize that he was in the presence of royalty, and that he did.

Vegeta stepped forward, head drawn downward, in nothing more than his princely Saiyan armor. The royal seal of Vegetasei marked his left breast. He lifted his head to meet Goku’s stare, “If you want to duke this out, I know of the perfect nearby wilderness area to do so.” Vegeta snapped a finger without averting his eyes from Goku’s and one of the King’s fierce-looking guards stepped toward him.

“Mereinme gata,” Vegeta ordered. The guard accompanied them to the front entrance, an elegant crystalline double-door over 80 feet in height sparkling above them. Goku felt a bit overwhelmed by the towering royal entrance. The two entrance guards, one on each side of the double-door, slowly opened it to allow exit.

Vegeta floated up into the air and whizzed away into the blue-green midday sky, followed by two of the King’s guards, and then Goku. The grand doors were shut behind them.

Once I get that brain-damaged idiot alone I’m going to kick his ass into the next dimension. Who the hell does he think he is?! And how dare he just IT into a King’s throne room like that!... Ignorant fool… Vegeta thought angrily to himself, hands fisted into tight balls.

Goku got a glance of the magnificent palace they’d just left as they flew into the distance. It was like a great gleaming jewel mountain on the horizon, surrounded by a beautiful, glistening city. Goku’s brows furrowed further, taking notice of the air of superiority and condescension Vegeta was purposely portraying. He didn’t really want to fight the smaller Saiyan, but his friends expected him to so here he was. This was his responsibility. This was his mission.

Vegeta, Goku, and the two royal guards flew over cities and villages of multi-colored crystal until they came to a wilderness clearing—an open meadow of blue-greenish knee-high grasses and wildflowers. Vegeta halted in mid-air, as did the others, and turned around to face his longtime foe.

Goku inwardly wondered why Vegeta had done what he’d done. Was he just trying to provoke Goku to get him on the battle front? Was he in it for revenge over something? Goku didn’t know, but he intended to find out.

Vegeta stared the other warrior down, a malicious smirk slowly crawling up one side of his face. Goku noticed this and he unconsciously bore his teeth at the obvious show of vanity. Vegeta thought to himself that he was more than prepared for this battle. He wrapped his tail around his waist protectively and readied himself.

“Well, Kakarott,” he finally spoke up, “If you’re ready to receive the pounding of your life, I’m more than ready to dish it out.” He got ready in a pre-fight pose, which signaled to Goku to do the same, all inclinations to suggest that they talk it out first falling to the wayside as an immediate threat came to his physical wellbeing. The royal guards were quick to get out of the way before Vegeta shot forward with blinding speed and a fist ready to wreak havoc on anything and anyone that stood in his way.
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