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An Empire Reborn, Ch. 5, Part 1

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Title: An Empire Reborn
Author: ncfwhitetigress
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Violence. Yaoi, sex, language, etc. in later chapters will up the rating.
Summary: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. Goku has been sent to find that someone.

Chapter 5, Part 1

Disclaimer: The depiction of abortion by the characters in this story does not reflect the author’s political attitudes toward the procedure. The sole intention is to create an interesting conflict between the characters and pave the way for a male/male relationship between the two main characters, Goku and Vegeta. No offense is intended towards those in favor of the practice or towards women who have gotten abortions. Thank you for reading and please enjoy.

Chapter 5: The Pregnancy Saga

“You heard me, Kakarott.” Vegeta spat back, taking a seat of his own facing the other man.

“Vegeta?! What in the…?” Goku wailed, standing up from his chair, eyes wide in shock and a tinge of doubt.

“I told you you wouldn’t believe me!” Vegeta accused, fist raised.

“What do you mean she tried to have him killed? When?” Goku cried in desperation.

“About 31 weeks ago.” Recalled the caped Saiyan.

Goku cocked an eyebrow in confusion. “I thought he was born only 2 weeks ago…?”

“Yes, he’s two weeks old.” Vegeta conceded, unsure of what Goku was confused about.

Goku put a hand to his head and stared into space, feeling disoriented like he’d just woken up from a dream.

“Kakarott?” Vegeta said in an attempt to regain the other Saiyan’s attention.

“I don’t get it, Vegeta.” Goku spoke up, locking eyes with the Prince again. “How can someone try to kill you before you’re born?”

Vegeta almost scoffed, the notion being much easier for him to imagine than it was for his past nemesis, “Easily,” was Vegeta’s simple reply. “They can have you torn limb from limb and sucked out of the womb in pieces.” He explained.

Goku gasped, wide-eyed and speechless.

“Just ask her, Kakarott.” Said Vegeta in response to Goku’s shock, “She’ll probably tell you the truth. She thought it was her ‘right’ to do such a thing. Not only did she try to slaughter him, but she attempted to justify it IN MY FACE.” Vegeta spat the last three words for emphasis, his grudge against Bulma still quite apparent.

“Vegeta, I don’t…” Goku almost didn’t know what to say. All he could think to do was find out more information. “What do you mean? How could she do something like that?” He asked, still nearly in disbelief.

“I don’t know.” Vegeta sighed, leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest. “I suppose she so couldn’t stand the thought of bearing the brat of an alleged ‘murderer,’” Vegeta made quotation marks with his fingers around the word ‘murderer,’ “that she simply had to rid herself of said brat before he ever saw daylight. Not that that turns her into a ‘murderer’ by any means.” Finished Vegeta, spitting sarcasm with each and every word.

Goku remained silent as Vegeta stood up and looked him in the eye, with a determined clenched fist, “You see, Kakarott, she’s so intent on having him dead that she tricked you into coming here to supposedly ‘save’ him from me. She wants to get him away from me because I wouldn’t let her kill him. I know she’ll try to do just that the first chance she gets.” Vegeta’s face turned to a sneer at that thought, leading to a moment of pause.

He finished a moment later with, “That’s why I told you I won’t be letting that stupid woman get anywhere near my brat.” He turned again and plopped back down in his chair.

“Vegeta,” Goku spoke with uncertainty and a bit of apprehension, “I don’t know about that.”

“I know it’s hard to believe, Kakarott,” Vegeta related, “because she IS an excellent actress. I bet she pretended to be really devastated when you failed to bring him back, didn’t she? She’s just trying to make you think she really gives a damn about him.”

Goku lowered his head and stared at the floor.

“What she really is is a liar, Kakarott,” Vegeta continued after a long silence, obviously upset about what had gone on between him and the earthlings. “She lied to me about so many things, and then tried to justify her actions, probably so she wouldn’t have to apologize. That’s another way she’s hypocritical.” He pointed out, locking eyes with Goku once again. “She says I’m an arrogant asshole, but she has too much pride to admit when she’s wrong either. And I may have killed people in my life, but I’d never kill one of my own. She attempted to kill her very own brat. What does that tell you about her, Kakarott?”

Goku remained silent for a long moment, having almost nothing to say to that, but wishing he did. Finally he managed to think of something, “Vegeta, I don’t get it. I’ve known her for years and as far as I know, she loves children. It doesn’t make any sense why she would ever do anything like that.” Goku said, running a hand through his hair.

“I was utterly shocked too, Kakarott.” Vegeta acknowledged before lowering his voice along with his eyes, “I should’ve known that she was too good to be true.”

That caught Goku’s interest. The Bulma/Vegeta relationship had been quite a mystery to the Z warriors and Goku couldn’t help but be curious about it as well. “What do you mean, Vegeta?”

Vegeta hesitated, then confessed, “I used to think she’d make the perfect queen.”

Goku cocked an eyebrow.

Vegeta perceived the other man’s curiosity. “Let me show you what I’m talking about, Kakarott.” He stood up again.

“Okay.” Replied Goku, with a tinge of a smile, happy to know that Vegeta was willing to share.

Vegeta walked over to the wall and clicked open the golden cover to a hidden control panel. He took off his white gloves and held them under his left arm as he quickly typed a code. The lights in the room lowered automatically and a 3-dimensional image of a spinning green globe appeared in the middle of the room.

“This, Kakarott, is going to be the new Planet Vegeta.”

Goku looked on, wide-eyed and stunned.

“This planet used to belong to a primitive race known as the Archayans.” He said, explaining the history of the displayed planet. “Frieza wiped them out about a year before you killed him. Crystalis and I destroyed the remnants of Frieza’s colony and now I have claimed the planet as the home-to-be of my new empire.” He explained, admiring the digital image of his future home.

Goku was speechless again.

Vegeta turned to Goku and paced in his direction, one fist clenched, determined eyes locked with Goku’s bewildered ones. “Do you understand what I’m talking about, Kakarott?” He urged, “I am going to rebuild the Saiyan bloodline, only this time to make it even better than it was before. And why is that, you might ask? Because unlike my father, I’m not going to be obsessed with keeping the Saiyan gene pool pure. Thanks to you, Kakarott,” Vegeta placed a hand on Goku’s shoulder, which caught the taller man off guard.

Although Goku was quick to realize that Vegeta was, in fact, acting in an unusually friendly manner for once, which very much pleased the earth Saiyan.

Vegeta continued, “I’ve realized that racial purity can actually make a bloodline weaker. Your brat was the guinea pig for that. He proves that the Saiyan-human combination is MUCH stronger than either a pure human or a pure Saiyan. It’s utter perfection!” Vegeta mused in delight, “And as for my brat… I can’t wait until he grows up. He’s undoubtedly destined for greatness. I just know it.”

Vegeta’s ambition was plain to see, and Goku couldn’t help but have admiration for that, although he said nothing in response and simply allowed the other man to talk.

“So you see, Kakarott,” Vegeta continued ardently, “since I’m starting this new empire, I was on earth for awhile hoping to find a suitable human woman to be my queen. I thought the blue-haired woman was perfect. For one, she’s a technological genius. That’s a trait I certainly wouldn’t mind having in my offspring. It could very much benefit the empire. And it would give her an opportunity to expand her business to other planets. If she thinks she’s rich now, she should just wait until the entire universe is making use of her products. It would benefit both her and the empire. How could she refuse? I also thought she’d make a great co-ruler, as she is going to inherit the company of her father some day and must have leadership skills. She’s also beautiful. Not a necessity exactly, but it doesn’t hurt either.”

Vegeta seemed to be in a state of contemplation for a few minutes. Finally he spoke up again. “Lastly,” he continued, his mood visibly worsening as he recalled the not-too-distant past, “before she learned of her pregnancy, I thought she’d make an excellent mate for me and mother for my brats. That’s where I went wrong, Kakarott.” Vegeta looked down, and Goku kept his eyes on him. “I was so, very wrong.” He finished, clenching a fist in agitation.

After a short pause, Goku spoke up, sympathizing, “I’m sorry that happened, Vegeta.”

Vegeta turned his back to Goku and paced back over to the control panel, turning off the image and shutting the panel cover.

What followed was a long period of silence between the two Saiyans, Goku keeping his eyes on Vegeta, and Vegeta looking down, perhaps at his hand, in a long moment of contemplation.

Finally Goku heard Vegeta mumble something inaudibly.

“What was that, Vegeta?” Goku asked cautiously.

“She even said she loved me.” He hissed, not turning to face Goku, head still lowered. After a period of rigid tension he continued angrily, “But she was nothing but a spoiled, deceptive, infant-murdering shrew. How could I have been so fooled!” He spat, putting a hand on his forehead and chastising himself.

“Hey, come on, Vegeta. Don’t toil too much trying to figure this out.” Goku advised, wanting to help, “People can be a mystery.”

The only response that earned from Vegeta was a “Hmph.”

“Don’t blame yourself either.” Goku continued, “At least you managed to save Trunks…er…I mean, Junior.”

“Just barely.” Vegeta shot back in a low tone.


“I said, just barely.” Vegeta reiterated.

Goku looked puzzled.

“Meaning, Kakarott, that I ALMOST failed to save him. He is SO lucky to be alive right now.” He replied, brooding.

“What do you mean you almost failed?”

Vegeta sighed, preparing to tell the unfortunate tale. “It was about 11 weeks after he was conceived. I remember it well. I could tell it was a boy at the very moment of conception. It happened one night after I’d been mating with the woman for quite a while. I was thrilled.” He said, clenching a fist. “It didn’t occur to me that the pregnancy might come as a shock to the woman…a bad shock, to be certain.” He paused, puzzling over the situation, “But I don’t get it, Kakarott! If she didn’t want a brat, then why did she even sleep with me in the first place? I simply assumed that there was a mutual understanding that a child would be conceived. I’m surprised one wasn’t conceived earlier!”

Goku stood up and walked up behind Vegeta to listen more intently, as Vegeta was speaking in a very low voice. “Yeah? Go on.” He egged, trying not to pry too much.

Vegeta sighed. “10 to 11 weeks later, she woke up one morning with some bad nausea.”


Bulma sat up in bed at 3 in the morning feeling just about ready to spew her guts out. She placed a hand over her mouth and quickly peeked back at her bedmate, the infamous Vegeta, to see if she’d disturbed him. He appeared to be asleep, so she got up and went to the bathroom, where she retched the few contents of her stomach—nothing more than some nasty green bile, which made her feel even more nauseated just looking at it.

She tried to go back to sleep, being as utterly exhausted as she was. She laid there, sick and restless, until the daylight started to gleam through her bedroom window and she felt Vegeta begin to rouse.

“Hey, Vegeta?” She murmured softly, getting his attention.

“What is it?” He replied, sitting up and beginning to dress.

“Are you going to be in the gravity room again all day?” She asked sheepishly.

“Yes. Why?” He replied bluntly, uninterested.

“Nothing, it’s just that I’m going in to see my doctor and I don’t think I’ll be the one making lunch today. You’ll have to settle for my mom’s cooking.” She explained, not getting up herself.

“I’m utterly heartbroken.” He stated plainly with a tinge of sarcasm, pulling on his training boots.

“I knew you would be.” She giggled, catching onto his insincerity.

“Hmph… I don’t have time for your frivolities, woman. I am going to train.” He pulled on a sleeveless shirt and paced out of the room.

“I’ll be back for supper!” She called after him, not receiving a reply.

At four o’clock later that day Vegeta was still in the gravity room when he heard her hover car pull up outside. He stopped doing pushups and walked over to the window.

A very peeved-looking Bulma slammed the car door behind her and slung her purse over her shoulder. “Damnit…” he heard her mutter.

Vegeta snickered to himself, thinking how beautiful she was when she was pissed. He was looking forward to finishing training today so hopefully he could get in another very much enjoyable argument with her. ‘Hopefully her mood won’t have improved by the time I finish,’ he thought to himself.

He got back to doing his pushups, only this time working twice as hard in hopes of finishing his workout early.

It wasn’t until about 11:30 that night that Vegeta was done with his training for the day. He entered the kitchen, heart set on raiding the refrigerator, when he heard Bulma having a serious discussion with her mother in the next room over. Bulma sounded upset, which instantly put a smile on Vegeta’s face. He decided to listen in on them before barging in to start a fun little quarrel with the fiery-eyed, blue-haired vixen.

“Sugarbear,” her mother said, putting a hand on her shoulder, “You know I’ll respect your decision, whatever it may be.”

“I know you will, Mom.” Bulma paused. “Damnit! Why did this have to happen again?” She lamented, laying down sideways on the couch. “I haven’t missed a single pill in a year. Birth control is SO overrated.” She complained.

“Have you been using any other methods, sweetums?” Asked Mrs. Briefs, “You know they’re most effective when you use more than one method at once, like condoms. Have you been using those? They prevent STDs too.”

“It was the heat of the moment, Mom, and I didn’t have one to spare.” She lied, reluctant to admit that although they’d been doing the nasty for quite awhile, all that time Vegeta had been refusing to wear any condoms and Bulma hadn’t been demanding enough.

“Mistakes happen, darling.” Her mother sympathized.

“I’ve made too many mistakes, Mom.” She replied, downhearted.

“Well I’m not one to judge.” Mrs. Briefs replied thoughtfully.

Bulma sighed. “Thanks, Mom.”

“What are you women blabbering about?” Vegeta taunted, barging in with a large plate piled with sandwiches and whatnot.

“Nothing, Vegeta.” Bulma sighed, praying he wouldn’t start a fight. He appeared to be very much in a warmongering mood.

“Exactly what you always blabber about, woman. You have nothing important to say so why not just put a sock in it.” He said, stuffing his face and strolling past her. She tried to slap his ass as he passed by, but the devilish attempt was thwarted, almost premeditatedly, by Vegeta’s hand, which caught hers in midair. “Nice try, wench.” Vegeta mocked, stuffing another big bite of his sandwich into his mouth.

“Oh, hush up, you jerk!” She spat back, tossing a pillow at him as a last-ditch attempt to get the best of him, which he caught with ease and threw back in her direction, nailing her in the head. He snickered at the anger that action aroused.

He left the room in hopes that she would follow and continue the dispute, but was disappointed to find that she did not. So, instead of trying harder to for her attention, he simply went upstairs and took a shower, thinking bedtime would be his next opportunity to anger the woman. Although he couldn’t help but wonder in the back of his mind what that conversation with her mother was about. It gave him an uneasy feeling, so he just let the warm rivulets of water wash away his worries.

A week later Vegeta returned to the kitchen for lunch with a towel draped around his neck. To his surprise, Bulma wasn’t there. This time she’s failed to inform him that she’d be gone during the day. He came upon the fridge to find a note stuck under one of the magnets.

‘Vegeta,’ it read, ‘I have a doctor’s appointment today at 1 so I won’t be there to make lunch. Lasagna is in the freezer on top of the ice box. Directions are on the back. Hope to see you at dinner. Love, Bulma.’ Vegeta looked puzzled, then noticed what it said below that, ‘PS: My cell is 435-245-5678 just in case you need anything. Dad’s in the lab.’

Vegeta couldn’t explain the unfamiliar sinking feeling he was experiencing after reading that note. ‘Didn’t she just have a doctor’s appointment last week?’ He thought to himself, confused.

“Forget it,” he told himself, “I’m overreacting to nothing.” He tossed the note in the trash, opened the freezer door, and pulled out the box of frozen lasagna.

‘I thought I told that damn woman I don’t even like lasagna.’ He cursed inwardly, ripping open the box.

‘Kami damnit, I can’t stand women!’ Vegeta sighed and turned toward the microwave, unwilling to deal with the stove. His eyes noticed the clock on the microwave, which indicated it was 12:30. He had been training longer than he intended.

He opened the microwave door and put in the plastic plate of lasagna after poking a hole in the top to let the fumes out. Just before his finger could type in the cook time, the phone rang, startling him out of his stupor.

‘Stupid human-created contraption!’ He whined to himself as he went to pick it up, only to find that Mrs. Briefs in the next room over had beaten him to it.

“Oh, hi, dear. Did you get there alright? Not too much traffic?” She chirped before listening for a moment or two in silence. “Something private? No, I don’t think anyone’s around. Go ahead, sweetums. What is it?”

Vegeta felt the mischievous urge to listen in, so he naughtily picked up the receiver as quietly as possible and put it to his ear, careful not to breathe into it and alert the conversers to his eavesdropping presence.

“It’s almost my turn, Mom, and I’m kind of nervous. Not to mention that is the worst clinic I’ve ever been to! The doctor looks sleazy and the bathrooms are a mess. Is there any maintenance around here? I wish there were female doctors here today. One of them just left unfortunately.” Bulma whined over the phone, peeking over her shoulder as the old male doctor greeted his next patient.

“Would you like to reschedule?” Her mother asked.

“No, no.” Bulma replied promptly, “I don’t think I should wait any longer. Before you know it, it’ll be a baby and it’ll be too late to get an abortion. I’m going to go ahead and do it today. But just for future reference, NEVER go to the Satan City Women’s Health Center for your ObGyn, Mom. I STRONGLY recommend against it.” She urged.

Vegeta was puzzled at what Bulma was talking about. ‘Abortion?’ He cursed to himself, hating that after several years of speaking the earthings’ language, he still had to look in the dictionary on occasion.

“Thanks, schnookums, I’ll take your advice.” She giggled. “Anything else before I go to the hair salon?”

“Um…oh, the nurse is calling me, Mom, I gotta go. See you tonight.”

“Bye-bye, buttermuffin.”

“Bye, Mom.”

Vegeta gently put down the receiver and walked through the living room, past Mrs. Briefs, who chirped, “Oh, hi there, Vegeta! Back from training already?”

His only response was a “Hmph,” as he passed her and headed into the library, where he perused the shelf.

‘Ah, ha,” he thought as he found what he was looking for, an oversized monster of a book entitled “Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.”

He scanned the “A” section, repeatedly sounding the word out under his breath, “Ab-or-tion, ab-or-tion, ab-or-tion, ab-or-tion,” he whispered, until he came across the correct word in the dictionary—a·bor·tion: the expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus usually resulting in the death of that embryo or fetus.

“Embryo or fetus? What the hell are those?” Vegeta cocked an eyebrow and tried to flip to the “E” section but ended up in the “F” section accidentally and decided to pursue the second term instead. “Fe-tus, fe-tus, fe-tus…”

He came upon the word. A moment later a gasp escaped his lips as the book slipped out of his hands and fell to the coffee table below, knocking an empty mug to the floor.

“No.” He said aloud, his mind swimming. “She wouldn’t do that...” He swore, trying to reassure himself.

He sprinted back to the kitchen and frantically rummaged through the trashcan, finding and unfolding the note Bulma had left him. He grabbed a hold of the telephone and dialed the number Bulma had written. “435-245-5678” he dictated as he dialed. He put the note down and put the receiver to his ear, aggravated by how long it took to start ringing, considering how fast his heart was pounding.

He nearly bit his nails down to the nub during the five long rings, only to end up with a voice message, “Hi, this is Bulma!” Vegeta’s heart dropped to the pit of his stomach, “I’m not available to answer the phone right now but if you would be so kind as to leave a message I can get back to…” CLICK. Vegeta slammed down the phone with an angry snarl.

“She wouldn’t… I’ll kill her!” he hissed to himself, panicking.

Suddenly Mrs. Briefs came in, “Oh, hi, Vegeta, I swear I just thought I saw you go into the library. Gee are you fast!” She giggled.

“Where’s Bulma?!” Vegeta asked frantically.

“At a doctor’s appointment.” She replied in a pleasant voice.


“Oh, um,” she thought for a minute, then continued, “I believe she’s at the Satan City…”

“Satan City Women’s Health Center, right!” Vegeta quickly cut her off, recalling the phone conversation. “How do I get there?!”

“Oh, you’re familiar with the place? You’d probably have to get directions from Bulma. I’m just terrible with urban locations.”

“Damn it!” Vegeta cursed aloud. He sped past her and down the hallway towards Dr. Briefs’ laboratory in hopes of finding Bulma’s father. He spotted him talking to an employee. Vegeta forcefully pushed the employee aside to get the doctor’s attention.

“Where is the Satan City Women’s Health Center? I need to know IMMEDIATELY!!” Vegeta demanded, stomping a foot for emphasis. The sound of the stomp thundered through the building and Dr. Briefs realized Vegeta was dead serious.

“Oh, that’s just off of Mainstreet.” He replied, puffing on his pipe. “I could probably draw you up a pretty simple map. It’s easy to f…”

“Show me!” Demanded Vegeta, interrupting the other man as he snatched him around the waist, blew a large hole in the roof with his Ki, and flew up and towards the city.

Back to the present…

“Wow,” Goku muttered, “That must’ve been scary, Vegeta. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“I wasn’t done, Kakarott.”

To be continued…
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